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-pokes cheek-


"GAH!" The dirty blonde rubs his cheek in shock, "P-Pointy fingers you have there!"

"Heheh, well they are claws~" She giggled as she floated around him

"ask me about my demons"


lilith: what was your biggest rebellion against authority? why did you do it?
raum: do you have a tendency to hoard anything? if so, what?
jezebel: talk about a time you used your sexuality to get your way
mephistopheles: have you ever helped  a loved one destroy themselves?
verrier: do you find yourself disobeying or obeying most authority?
asmodeus: on whom do you want revenge and how would you take it?
baal: if you were a god, how would you prefer to be worshipped?
lamia: how do you feel about children?
lucifer: what are you most proud of?
sonneillon: do you hate anyone?
batibat: talk about the worst nightmare you have ever had
abaddon: what person, place, or thing have you most wanted to destroy?
belias: do you gossip?
abraxas: do you believe in any higher power? if so, what?
ornias: talk about a time where you felt drained of energy
lix tetrax: if you could travel by wind, where would you go?
astaroth: have you ever falsely accused someone?
carreau: do you consider yourself compassionate or harsh to others? why?
leviathan: what do you believe lies in the unexplored areas of the ocean?
belphigor: if you could pick 3 forms to shapeshift into, what would they be?
azazel: talk about a time when you were falsely blamed for something
mammon: when were you most greedy? for what?
verrith: are you a patient or impatient person?
pythius: out of all the lies you have ever told, which is your favorite?
berith: do you often argue with others?

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Send ♋ for our muses to swap bodies!
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((AHAHA You get 3)

  • The Mun is 21
  • The mun’s favorite colors are Purple and Green
  • The mun works 6 days a week at a job she hates but luckily her contract ends in a month
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